Flexible and elastic polyurethane coating

Nanten polyurethane floors made in Finland are flexible and pleasant to the touch. Polyurethane is perfectly suited for various technical areas, especially when elasticity, seamlessness and crack bridging ability are required of the floor.


Nanten Decofloor Comfort Plus floors are effective sound-absorbing and more flexible floors. The surface is very resistant to moving furniture and dampens the wear of shoes, making it an excellent solution for offices and schools, for example. 


The uniform, seamless floor surface is quick to install and safe to move thanks to good friction resistance. Nanten color chart includes great shades, in addition to which smooth coatings can be tinted in almost all shades of the RAL color chart. The surface can be patterned or enlivened with colored flakes. It can be matte or, if you prefer, completely glossy. 


Nanten polyurethane is the perfect solution for spaces where durability and seamlessness are required, such as various technical spaces. The dense and smooth polyurethane coating is well suited for lightly stressed spaces such as technical air conditioning rooms, heat distribution centers and electrical centers.




The coating can be used, for example, in commercial and residential construction, industrial public construction projects and the floors of air-conditioning machine rooms.


Polyurethane coating is suitable for applications where a smooth surface is required from the floor (can be roughened), good water resistance, chemical resistance and medium mechanical resistance. The polyurethane coating is seamless and does not contain microbial growth-promoting ingredients.

Nanten bio-based polyurethane coating methods can improve the comfort, hygiene and ease of use of the space. 

Flexible and elastic polyurethane coating

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