Hard and durable epoxy coating

If you are looking for a durable flooring solution, Nanten epoxy coating is your choice. Epoxy provides hard-wearing floor solutions that maintain good indoor air quality. Some of our solutions are water vapor permeable, breathable, so that the moisture rising from the soil penetrates the coating and does not cause unwanted mold or moisture damage to the floor structures.

Epoxy can be used to make both smooth and rough surfaces. The floor can be finished glossy or matte, and there are dozens of color options. A rougher surface is especially good in areas where wear is hard and the surface should not be slippery. The smooth and glossy epoxy, on the other hand, is ideal for applications where the floor should be easy to maintain and easy to keep clean. 




The epoxy coating is suitable for food industry production facilities, heavily loaded warehouses, restaurant kitchens, social facilities and public places such as schools, kindergartens and nursing homes to promote indoor air quality, and in particular to facilities classified as clean rooms such as hospital environments,  laboratories, patient rooms and equipment maintenance rooms. 

Nanten epoxy coating methods can be used to improve the comfort, hygiene and comfort of the space. 

Hard and durable epoxy coating

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