Hybrid Coating - ColorPUR

Heat resistant and chemically resistant “hybrid coating” ColorPUR

Coating for very demanding heavy duty applications. The Nanten ColorPUR product family has different layer strengths depending on the application. ColorPUR is a cement-based solution for very demanding applications that is resistant to a variety of chemicals such as acids, greases, gases and most solvents.

Seamless heavy-duty polyurethane-based hybrid coating

Nanten ColorPUR is resistant to a variety of chemicals such as acids, alkalies, salt, oil, blood, lactic acids, fats, fuels, aggressive gases, salty sea air and most solvents. ColorPUR coating is ideal for heavy-duty applications, it withstands repeated hot and cold liquid stress, from -40 degrees to 120 degrees.

Nanten ColorPUR coating is ready for use after 24-36 hours, depending on the ambient
temperature, and the floor can be installed generally without side effects when the space is fully operational.

Cement-based floor solution suitable for demanding projects.

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