Nanten TrueColor

Nanten TrueColor is a grindable render coating filled with natural sand. Its color consists of a colored binder through which the natural aggregate is visible. Suitable, for example, for lobbies and public spaces.

Use case

Customer facilities, Entrance



TrueColor-BIO -nanten


The concrete substrate is pretreated by surface grinding, shot blasting or milling. See substrate preparation instructions.


Prime with Nanten HM Bio Epoxy. Sand (0.6-1.2 mm) is sown on top of the primer to improve adhesion of the main compound.


Main compound is grindable render made with Nanten HM True Colors Bio Epoxy and True Colors sand mixture, film thickness 3-4 mm.


If necessary, the top coat is varnished with Nanten HM True Colors Bio Epoxy for a more uniform result. Finishing with Nanten HM Bio Epoxy.

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