Nanten HM ESD for applications requiring static electricity control

Rough-surfaced, dense aggregate-filled Nanten HM ESD is suitable for spaces with sensitive electronic equipment. Nanten ESD floor is suitable for spaces that require static electricity control, such as robotic operating rooms, automated cash registers and the electronics industry.

Use case

ESD facilities, ESD facilities




The concrete substrate is pretreated by surface grinding, shot blasting or milling.


Prime with Nanten HM Bio.


Grounding is secured with conductive copper tape, which is glued to the surface of the primer. The copper strip is attached to the coating mass and rises to the wall by about 200 mm. Each separate space must have at least two ground points. We recommend to use grounding strips/corners 20 to 30 mm wide cut from 0.75 to 1.5 mm copper sheet.


Conductive primer layer with Nanten ESD Primer.

Main compound Nanten HM ESD Epoxy grindable render mixed with epoxy resin and filling sands (conductive ESD sand 50% and 0.6-1.2 mm quartz sand 50% of the desired color). Grindable render mass is spread with a variable trowel to a layer thickness of about 4 mm.

After the Nanten HM ESD Grindable render has dried, it is coated once or twice with HM ESD Epoxy.

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