Nanten System TR

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The concrete substrate is pretreated by surface grinding, shot blasting or milling. See substrate preparation instructions.


Prime with Nanten Acrylic 101 Primer. When the humidity of the substrate is < 98% , priming can be done with Nanten 107 Primer.


The waterproofing layer is made with Nanten Matacryl hybrid compound. The layer thickness must be at least 1,5 mm.


After the Matacryl waterproofing layer has dried, it is primed with Nanten Sealer 319 or Nanten Primer 101. Sand is sown on top of the acrylic grindable render coating to improve adhesion.

Main compound is grindable render made with Nanten Acrylic 20N and colored sand mixture. Spread with a variable trowel to a layer thickness of 3-4 mm.

Top coat with Nanten Acrylic Sealer 319. Varnishing is done 1-2 times depending on the surface roughness and the desired surface smoothness/structure.

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