Breathable Nanten HM W coating

“Breathable” floor materials are particularly suitable for concrete structures lying on the ground and spaces stressed by capillary rising moisture. Nanten HM W is a rough aggregate-filled material.

Use case

Basements/underground facilities




The concrete substrate is pretreated by surface grinding, shot blasting or milling. See substrate preparation instructions.


Prime with Nanten HM W Epoxy. Sand (0.6-1.2 mm) is sown on top of the primer to improve adhesion and facilitate application of the grindable render coating.


Body compound Nanten HM W epoxy compound with a film thickness of 3-4 mm, which consists of HM W epoxy and a colored sand mixture.


Finish the surface with Nanten HM W epoxy once. The second surface varnish is made with Nanten HM Bio epoxy.

Breathable Nanten HM W coating documents

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