Nanten DecoFloor Comfort

Nanten Comfort is ideal for public spaces as well as corridors and classrooms in schools and educational institutions. The end result is seamless and durable. There are hundreds of color options, you can choose the most suitable shade for your destination from either Nanten own color chart or the RAL color chart.

Use case




The substrate is pretreated by surface grinding or shot blasting. See substrate preparation instructions.


Prime with Nanten HM Bio Epoxy. The primer is applied 1-2 times depending on the porosity of the substrate.


Main compound is made with Nanten PU Bio Polyurethane coating, film thickness 1-3 mm. At this stage, colored flakes can be sown on the surface to enliven the surface.


Top coat with colored Nanten PU W2 paint or PU W2 lacquer 1-2 times.


To improve scratch resistance, we recommend that the last surface layer be treated with colorless Nanten PU W2 lacquer.

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