Nanten Acrylic System 20N

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Entrance, Entrance, Entrance, Food industry, Kitchens, Kitchens, Production facilities, Toilets, showers and dressing rooms, Toilets, showers and dressing rooms, Toilets, showers and dressing rooms





The concrete substrate is pretreated by surface grinding, shot blasting or milling. See substrate preparation instructions.


Prime with Nanten Acrylic 101-M1 Primer. Sand (0.6-1.2 mm) is sown on top of the primer to improve adhesion of the grindable render coating 20N-M1.


Main compound is grindable render made with Nanten Acrylic 20N-M1 binder and colored sand, film thickness 3-4 mm. The surface can be roughened by sowing 0.3-0.8 mm of colored sand on the surface of the uncured mass (e.g., commercial kitchens) or a rougher alternative of 0.7-1.2 mm (e.g., loading docks).


Top coat with Nanten Acrylic Sealer 319-M1. Varnishing is done 1-2 times depending on the surface roughness and the desired surface smoothness/structure.

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