Floors for you
to live on

Floors for you to live on

In a time when the earth’s bearing capacity is being challenged, the floor and its materials matter more than ever. We do not need disposable or easily worn, nor harmful to the environment.

We need long-lasting and adaptable flooring materials that can withstand everyday stresses and weight of life.

On top of them, functional buildings and facilities are built where you can teach and learn, prepare and store. Nurture, have fun, work.

A good floor is eternal when properly selected, installed and maintained. It changes color according to need and trends, taking hard and soft steps, truck wheels or desk legs. It maintains good indoor air and is easy to keep clean. It serves as a safe platform for life.

We make them. Floors for you to live on.

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Our Customer Promises

1 Environmentally friendly and safe floors

Environmentally friendly, safe and beautiful floors that maintain good indoor air.

Our goal is to offer our customers high-quality flooring solutions suitable for various applications, which are manufactured in accordance with the strict criteria of both the indoor air classification and the CE quality standard.

We are a pioneer in the field as a manufacturer of bio-based concrete coatings. Nanten’s floors are excellently suitable for environmentally certified construction, e.g. Leed and BREEAM projects. The finished floor has been studied to have very low emissions and do not contain compounds that are harmful to indoor air.

2 Durable when properly selected, installed and maintained

Not disposable or easily broken, once the coating is selected, installed and serviced correctly, it is very durable.

The floors absorb hard shocks, heavy steps, serve as a platform for the first steps and at the same time support industrial machines weighing several tons. When a coating with the right properties is selected and the installation is carried out by a professional, maintenance of the Nanten floor is easy.

Nanten floor lasts for time and adapts brilliantly to different needs. If the purpose of the space changes, it is not necessary to remove the old floor, but the surface can be renewed with maintenance treatment, so that changing the new floor surface or color does not generate waste.

3 Flexible and reliable partner

We will not leave you alone, we will be your advisors all the way from design to installation. We want to help create a foundation of life that will serve its users for decades.

Our flooring solutions developed and manufactured in Finland have been operating in technically demanding conditions for more than half a century. We know the construction trends, challenging conditions and floor requirements thoroughly. We have invested heavily in product development and we are proud to say that Nanten floors are top notch.

How Can We Serve You


Choose a beautiful, environmentally friendly and safe floor that maintains good indoor air and adapts to the needs and trends.


We offer flexible technical support and we are your expert advisors all the way from design to installation.

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Hämeenkylä school building

Hämeenkylä School’s multifunctional and flexible learning spaces support the basic education curriculum and pedagogy. The new school was completed in August 2020 and replaced the old Hämeenkylä school building, which was demolished in 2017.

Vuoksenniska School Center

Vuoksenniska school provides basic education for grades 1-9. In addition, there are special groups, such as extended compulsory education groups, a support class and the JOPO class (Flexible Basic Education).

Myllypuro campus

The new campus completed in Myllypuro, Helsinki is the largest of Metropolia’s four campuses. About 6,000 students and 500 employees live in the campus area, where life is pulsating in Itä-Helsinki.

Olympic Stadium

The Helsinki Olympic Stadium is Finland’s largest sports arena. The stadium is located in Töölö, Helsinki, a couple of kilometers from the city center.

The style of the building is functionalism. In addition to sporting events, concerts are held there during the summer. Built in 1938, the stadium was the center of the 1952 Summer Olympics.

Tampere University Hospital

Nanten värikartasta löytyy 20 upeaa sävyä, joiden lisäksi pinnoitteita voidaan sävyttää lähes kaikissa RAL-värikartan sävyissä. Pinta voi olla kuvioitu tai elävöitetty värihiutaleilla. Se voi olla matta tai halutessasi täysin kiiltävä. 

Nanten tuotevalikoimasta löydät M1 sisäilmaluokiteltuja sekä puhdastilastandardin (CSM) täyttäviä pinnoiteratkaisuja. M1-luokitelluista ja Indoor Air Comfort Gold -sertifioiduista pinnoitteista haihtuvien yhdisteiden pitoisuudet on mitattu standardin EN 16516 mukaisilla menetelmillä.

Nanten on keskittynyt suomalaisen rakentamisen ja lattiapintojen erityispiirteisiin jo 1960-luvulta lähtien. Kokeneet asiantuntijamme auttavat sinua oikean ratkaisun valinnassa ja lattiainvestointiin liittyvien riskien hallinnassa.

Our Products

Hybrid Coating – ColorPUR

Cement-based floor solution suitable for demanding projects.

Fast and durable acrylic coating

Flexible and elastic polyurethane coating

Flexible and elastic polyurethane coating

Hard and durable epoxy coating

Hard and durable epoxy coating