Durable floor solutions suitable for industrial use

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Breathable Nanten SL W coating

Water vapor permeable “breathable” floor materials are particularly suitable for concrete structures lying on the

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Nanten DecoFloor

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Nanten PU Bio

PU Bio Elastic, wear and shock resistant seamless floor. Also withstands chemical stress. Excellent for

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Nanten PU Flex Bio

In technical rooms, such as ventilation machine rooms, heat distribution rooms, etc., the coatings can

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Nanten System TR

Acrylic-based, quick-to-implement coating and waterproofing method. Suitable for coating the floors of commercial kitchens and

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Nanten HM Bio 3-4 mm

Rough and dense aggregate-filled floor suitable for industrial needs. Nanten HM is suitable for spaces

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SL Bio/SL Bio AR 2-3mm

Nanten SL Bio 2-3 mm

Smooth-surfaced industrial floor material suitable for truck traffic. Nanten SL Bio flooring is an excellent

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Staattisen sähkön hallintaan Nanten HM ESD

Nanten HM ESD for applications requiring static electricity control

Rough-surfaced, dense aggregate-filled Nanten HM ESD is suitable for spaces with sensitive electronic equipment. Nanten

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Nanten DecoFloor Comfort Plus

The matt and elastic Nanten Comfort Plus is ideal for public construction, from nursing homes

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Nanten Acrylic System 20N

Acrylic grindable render, fast-curing, hard-wearing coating that is well-suited for water-stressed spaces, the colors of

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