Healthcare facilities such as hospitals and health centers

For clean and indoor air classified spaces

When looking for a flooring solution that meets strict cleanliness requirements.

Wear and chemical resistant, ecological, clean room certified, smooth Nanten SL Bio epoxy coating.

Good biological resistance to bacteria and mold.
Layer thickness 2-3 mm, colors from Nanten color chart or RAL map shades.

Suitable for clean and indoor air-classified premises, hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories, shops, schools, office premises for new and renovation construction.


Nanten DecoFloor Comfort and Comfort Plus

Elastic, sound-insulating, abrasion- and chemical-resistant smooth polyurethane coating. Several different color options from the Nante color map or the RAL map. Layer thickness normally 2-3 mm.


“Breathable” coatings are permeable to water vapor

Wear-resistant water-based Nanten HM W friction epoxy coating.

HM W, the color can be selected according to the color sand mixture used. Layer thickness approx. 3 mm.

Suitable for controlling moisture problems on underground floors and for coating wet concrete in new castings.

Industrial and storage facilities, basement, gateways, etc

Hämeenlinnan paloasema

Smooth water-based Nanten SL W epoxy coating

Suitable for basements and other applications requiring a breathable coating. Due to its water vapor permeability, the method is ideal for coating wet and underground concrete floors.


Easy-to-use water-based Nanten EP W2 paint / varnish

Glossy water-borne wear-resistant epoxy paint. Suitable for warehouses, basements, heat distribution rooms, garages and other similar applications. Can be used for coating underground floors. Also suitable for painting wall surfaces for both indoor and outdoor use

Nanten brand työmies lattialla kuvaaja Hirvelä Heli HMH_3446 825x475

Matte “breathable” Nanten PU W2 paint and varnish

Water-borne polyurethane paint for the protection of concrete floors and maintenance painting of floor surfaces.

Water vapor permeable paint
Very fast drying
Low emission

“Breathable” Nanten PU W1 concrete paint with UV protection

Waterborne polyurethane paint / varnish for old and new concrete floors or as a surface layer for coatings.

Suitable for damp substrates, underground concrete structures and spaces stressed by capillary rising moisture. Used as a UV protection paint / varnish for epoxy and polyurethane coatings.