Cleanroom suitable

Nanten products are hygienic and easy to clean. Nanten SL CSM Epoxy is the only epoxy coating in the market which is certified to Cleanroom certificate Class 1.

Example cases:

European Medical Center, Moskow - coated with Nanten SL Epoxy.

Healthcare Center JUST, Järvenpää- coated with Nanten HM ESD Epoxy and Nanten HM W Epoxy.

Healtcare Center Pyynikki, 2800 m2- coated with Nanten PU and Nanten Acrylic.

Hospital of Malmi, 1800 m2 - coated with Nanten Acrylic

Naval Hospital, St.-Petersburg, 1 500 m2 - coated with Nanten Polyurethane

Stomatology clinic FSB, Moscow, 4 500 m2 - coated with Nanten SL Epoxy and Nanten Polyurethane