Nantenin floor coatings have been used for decades in various different projects. Nanten coatings can be used nearly everywhere from heavy industry to public buildings. Nanten offers stylish and ecological floors that fulfill even the tightest technical demands and certificates.


Nantenin Decofloor® product family is a right choise when looking for a visually high quality floor. Nanten products are available in all RAL- colours and can be patterned according to customers' wishes. Let your imagination to create, we make it happen!

Ecological choise

Nantenin floor coatings have the highest bio content in the markets. The oil based raw materials have been replaced by renewable materials and VOC-emissions have been decreased dramaticly.

Clean inside air

Nantenin products do not contain hazardous compounds and are there for an excellent choise for puclic buildings, like schools and hospitals.

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