How to choose right floor coating

Nanten offers top quality, safe and well researched solutions for coating floors in various building projects.


In industrial use the floor has to have high wear, impact and chemical resistance. The floors have to be easy to clean, care and prepair and cost effective. The floor coatings are an excellent choice for industrial use like for production facilities, warehouses, food and process industry, electronical industry, pharmacy, restaurants and kitchens, breweries and dairies.


Floor coatings are an excellent choice for health care and school environments, for hospitals, laboratories, offices, shops and stores, kindergartens, assisted living facilities, swimming halls, fire stations and other similar facilities.


Floor coatings suit well also for residential buildings. They can be used for stairwells, common facilities like corridors and drying rooms, ventilation and heat distribution rooms. Floor coatings offer modern design and looks as well as good technical qualities and durability.