Economical and durable solution

The floor coatings of industrial cases needs to have a good abrasion, chemical and impact resistance, hygiene and long life cycle. Nanten offers talor made coating solutions according to the needs of each project for exsample for food, chemical, eletcronical and pharmaceutical industries, for restaurant kitchens, dairies and breweries.

Features according to usage

The hygienic production areas of the food industry demand often good wear resistance and tolerance to high temperatures also tolerance to strong cleaning chemicals. In electronic and process industry it is often needed to have a solutions to provide electrostatic control properties. Electrostatic Dissipative coating helps the technical devices to function as palnned and with out distraction. Nanten HM ESD Epoxy fullfills standard EN IEC 613405-1 demands also for removing electrical charge of human body.

Nanten HM ESD Epoxy