Functionality and comfort

Floor coatings offer functionality and comfort to public and office buildings. Ecological coating solutions enable durable, seamless, hygienic, comfortable and inside air quality improving floors. Floor coatings offer also a lot of technical qualities and functionalities. They are durable and easy to maintain clean.

For demanding conditions

Floor coatings are an excellent choice for health care and school environments, for hospitals, laboratories, offices, shops and stores, kindergartens, assisted living facilities, swimming halls, fire stations and other similar facilities.

Ecological and good inside air quality

The high content of bio materials and low content of emissions in Nanten products enables them to be used in certified Green Building -projects. The usage of biological raw materials reduce the environmental load and the carbon footprint significantly. In the public building projects are paying more and more attention to ecological, environment friendly and inside air quality improving solutions. Nanten coating solutions are safe choice to all purposes.

Green Building