Looks and durability

Floor coatings are an excellent choise for residential buildings. They can be used for stairwells, common facilities like corridors and drying rooms, ventilation and heat distribution rooms. Floor coatings offer modern design and looks as well as good technical qualities and durability.

For slab-on-grades and wet underlays

The technical demands of buildings, technical facilities and floor coatings have changed over time. Fast building schedules and varying weather conditions cause unpredictable challenges during building process. The humidity and temperature of the air and underlay set requirements to the assemblability and adhesion of the coating materials. Plastic based flooring cannot be assembled to the wet underlays. But floor coatings can be assembled even then by using Nanten M Primer. The adhesion to wet betong has been tested according to CE (EN ISO 77831/2) demands.

For ventilation rooms and other technical facilities we recommend M Primer and PU Flex Bio Polyurethane coating. Slab-on-grade floors should be coated with "breathing coating" like Nanten HM W Epoxy.

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