Nanten research and R&D

Our R&D department evaluates and developpes continuously our products and the procedures of our production in co-operation with the production and sales department. The aim is to fullfill the demands layed by the CE-marking criterias. Our goal is an innovative product development, improved procedures and new even better ecological products.

Innovative BIO products

Our innovative product development has succeed to develop "green" natural bio resins based ecological BIO epoxy and polyurethane. The Nanten BIO products contain renewable raw materials. The production chain of Nanten BIO products minimizes the usage of natural resourches and negative environmental impact and decreases our carbon footprint segnificantly. The VOC emissions of Nanten products are far lower than the Europen Union directed limit value 500g/l. It is actually lower than limit value 140 g/l set to the water based coating products. Our polyurethane products Nanten PU and Nanten PU Flex and all Nanten acrylic products are totally VOC emission free.

Paying attention to environment

The fundament of our product development is to eliminate emissions and to reduce the environmental burden. Even if we are continuously paying attention the ecological aspects we are not bargening over the quality of our products. The floor coatings we are producing and selling are top quality. For instance we do not use cheap soft fillers. Fillers would effect on the physical properties like strenght, coverage and chemical resistance of the coating.