Environmental responsibility

We build a safer and more ecological tomorrow, reach far to the future, take our responsibility and support the sustainable development by our actions. Our goal is to offer high quality user and environmental friendly products. Our products are developped and produced according to the tight criterias of the CE quality standards.

Clean technology of the production chain

Besides putting a lot of effer to our product development we have also payed attention to the cleanliness of our production chain. In addition of decreasing emissions (VOC) we have also decreased significantly the environmental load caused by our production plant. Based on our factory's VOC- emissions controlling plan we have been able to decrease our VOC-emissions by 33%. That is due to minimazing the usage of solvents both in our products and production and improving the production process.

The content of bio raw materials

Decofloor SL CSM PU Comfort HM True Colors
Bio content 37 % 47 % 67 %
The content of natural materials 71 % 57 % 76 %
  • Sustainability
  • Lower environmental burden
  • Less CO2 and green house gases
  • Less mineral oil besed raw materials
  • More renewable and bio based raw materials
  • Energy and ecological effectiveness
  • Better indoor air quality