About us

Responsible and Sustainable

Nanten is a Finnish family company specialised for developing, producing and selling floor coatings. Our products are developed and produced in Tuusula, Southern Finland. Our aim is to develop and maintain the high quality of constructing and protect environment. Nanten is well known for its happy customers and top quality ecological design floors.

High quality and long experience

Nanten coatings have been used over five decades in technically demanding circumstances. We know well building procedures, building circumstances and the demands on coatings. We have invested heavily in product development and we can proudly state that our floor coating products are one of the best on the market. Nanten can offer extremely good technical properties with modern design.

Style and Design

Nanten products can be used for various different building projects and can be produced in nearly all RAL colours. Depending on the material and application used many different designs can be chosen. Let your imagination fly, we make it happen!

Ecological and long lasting solution

Nanten is a pioneer in bio material coatings. The renewable material content of Nanten products is nearly 70% and the bio content is the highest on the market. Nanten products can be used in Leed and BREEAM -projects. Nanten is creating safer, sustainable and ecological tomorrow with green Nanten products and environmental friendly production chain.

Better indoor air quality

Nanten products have low emissions do not contain hazardous compounds.

* Environment
* Green value
* Sustainability
* Good inside
air quality
* Design

All Nanten products are CE marked according to standard EN 1504-2

All Nanten coatings fulfill EU standard FprCEN/TS 16516 for inside air quality. Nanten coating applications are tested according to standard EN 1504-2 by notified research institutes: VTT Expert Services Oy and KIWA GmbH Polymer Institut.