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From us, you get beautiful, environmentally friendly and safe floors that maintain good indoor air and adapt to the needs and trends.

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Floors that adapt to the needs of use. Our selection includes floors for both public spaces and industrial needs. Let us know your wishes and we will find the right solution for you.

Finnish floor design

With Nanten’s floor solutions, you quickly install large surfaces, and the diversity of spaces is not an obstacle. The floor coating provides a uniform, seamless floor surface on which it is possible to design the desired color or pattern. 

Why is Nanten a better choice for floor surface?

Nanten is safe, durable and comfortable to use. Nanten floors have achieved excellent test results in wear, heat and impact resistance.

In our product range, you will find M1 indoor air-classified and Cleanroom Suitable Materials (CSM) standard compliant coating solutions.

Long life, minimal need for maintenance and ease of maintenance of Nanten floors keep the floor cost low during its life cycle.

Nanten’s floor coatings can solve the requirements of special spaces in both industrial and public construction. We offer domestic customized coating solutions according to the requirements of the object.

Nanten brand tytöt ja reput alaportaalla Hirvelä Heli etusivu

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Chemical Resistance




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Nanten’s product descriptions describe the product type, area of ​​application, general properties, technical data, technical properties and operating instructions for the coating. Methods suitable for different applications can be found here.

If you want to use another product or method, check its suitability with Nanten experts. The safety data sheets provide information on the properties, risks and safe use of a substance or mixture. It does not describe the composition of the finished floor, but the properties of the substances used in its manufacture in liquid form. The safety data sheet is intended for all persons who come into contact with the product, such as installers, drivers and storers.


Hämeenkylä school building

Hämeenkylä School’s multifunctional and flexible learning spaces support the basic education curriculum and pedagogy. The new school was completed in August 2020 and replaced the old Hämeenkylä school building, which was demolished in 2017.

Vuoksenniska School Center

Vuoksenniska school provides basic education for grades 1-9. In addition, there are special groups, such as extended compulsory education groups, a support class and the JOPO class (Flexible Basic Education).

Myllypuro campus

The new campus completed in Myllypuro, Helsinki is the largest of Metropolia’s four campuses. About 6,000 students and 500 employees live in the campus area, where life is pulsating in Itä-Helsinki.

Olympic Stadium

The Helsinki Olympic Stadium is Finland’s largest sports arena. The stadium is located in Töölö, Helsinki, a couple of kilometers from the city center.

The style of the building is functionalism. In addition to sporting events, concerts are held there during the summer. Built in 1938, the stadium was the center of the 1952 Summer Olympics.

Tampere University Hospital

Nanten värikartasta löytyy 20 upeaa sävyä, joiden lisäksi pinnoitteita voidaan sävyttää lähes kaikissa RAL-värikartan sävyissä. Pinta voi olla kuvioitu tai elävöitetty värihiutaleilla. Se voi olla matta tai halutessasi täysin kiiltävä. 

Nanten tuotevalikoimasta löydät M1 sisäilmaluokiteltuja sekä puhdastilastandardin (CSM) täyttäviä pinnoiteratkaisuja. M1-luokitelluista ja Indoor Air Comfort Gold -sertifioiduista pinnoitteista haihtuvien yhdisteiden pitoisuudet on mitattu standardin EN 16516 mukaisilla menetelmillä.

Nanten on keskittynyt suomalaisen rakentamisen ja lattiapintojen erityispiirteisiin jo 1960-luvulta lähtien. Kokeneet asiantuntijamme auttavat sinua oikean ratkaisun valinnassa ja lattiainvestointiin liittyvien riskien hallinnassa.


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