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Floors for you to live on

Our mission is to inspire and help our customers find the best possible floor solutions that meet their needs and trends. We manufacture beautiful, environmentally friendly and safe floors that maintain good indoor air and adapt to your needs.

From us, you get time-resistant floors that adapt to your needs and wishes while maintaining good indoor air. We offer flexible technical support and we are your expert advisors all the way.


We offer flexible technical support and we are your expert advisors all the way from design to installation.

We are a flexible and reliable partner for you, with whom it is always easy to do business. We will not leave you alone, we support you from the first contact all the way to the installation of the floor.ka.

Product development

Our product development and quality control department in Tuusula cooperates with our customers and international players in the field to develop even better floors. We invest in solutions that are sustainable and adaptable to different applications, taking into account the effects during the life cycle of the floor and the harmlessness to users. We choose high-quality, safe and environmentally friendly raw materials. We are replacing petroleum-based chemicals with naturally occurring minerals and bio-based products in the manufacture of which non-edible plant-based ingredients are used.

To ensure the high quality of our products, we have a certified quality system. The task of continuous quality control of products and the production process is to ensure that the properties of the products comply with the EU Construction Products Regulation and the CE marking required for products intended for the protection of concrete surfaces. The technical properties of the floors are stated in the product brochures and declarations of performance (DoP).

Environment and Responsobility

We are building a safer and greener tomorrow, looking far into the future, taking responsibility and supporting sustainable development. Our goal is to offer our customers a high-quality, user-friendly and environmentally safe floor suitable for various uses, the manufacture of which also takes into account the strict criteria of the CE quality standard.
We are committed to the international chemical industry responsibility program Responsible Care. Key themes of the program include the sustainable use of natural resources, the sustainability and safety of production and products, the well-being of the work community, and open interaction and cooperation.

Thanks to our responsible practices, both our own production facility and the end users of our floors have been able to reduce the consumption of non-renewable resources, reduce carbon footprint and avoid the release of harmful chemicals such as volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the indoor air and the environment. The use of our particularly low-emission M1-classified products can earn additional points in environmentally certified construction (e.g. LEED and BREEAM systems).

Without compromising on technical features, we are a pioneer in the field as a manufacturer of bio-based products. The products use almost 70% renewable raw materials and our bio-content is the highest on the market. Our products are excellent e.g. Leed and BREEAM projects. We are building a safer and greener tomorrow and supporting sustainable development.

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Pasi Heinonen

Project sales (Western- and Northern Finland)

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Tomi Pennanen

Project manager

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Soila Backman

Customer manager

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Lembo Välimäe

Project manager

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Marina Pugacheva

Export Coordinator

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Emmi Inna

Marketing Coordinator

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Pirjo Isosaari

Product development chemist


Sari Velling

Laboratory Technician


Kari-Pekka Mutikainen

Production Manager

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Reijo Perälä

Product developer


Sami Rastas

Managing director

+358 40 902 2322


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