ColorPUR – Seamless heavy-duty polyurethane-based hybrid coating

Nanten has launched a polyurethane-based hybrid coating that is durable and ideal for spaces where high chemical and thermal resistance is required. The coating is resistant to a variety of chemicals, acids, alkalis, salt, oil, greases, gases and most solvents.
Nanten ColorPUR coating is resistant to regular steam washing, is tight, seamless and quick to install. When installed at a thickness of 9 mm, the coating withstands repeated stresses of hot and cold liquids, ranging from -40 degrees to +120 degrees.

Lots of advantages over other flooring solutions:

• High chemical resistance
• High thermal stress resistance
• Quick to install
• Low odor nuisance during installation


• Food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries
• Production facilities
• Bakeries
• Breweries, distilleries
• Meat and fish industry
• Cold rooms
• Storage, packaging and unloading facilities
• Electronics industry
• Forest and process industry

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